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Radar Experts World

Liem Tiang Gwan, the son born Semarang Indonesia, June 20, 1930, is an expert on radar (radio detection and ranging) worldwide. Radar designs are widely used to monitor and guide the plane's ups and downs in various parts of the world. Even the military in many European countries use the services to design an appropriate defense radar for his country.

Liem tiang Gwan, had struggled for decades and the poor across the world of antennas, radar, and air traffic control. His name was worldwide in the field of radar, antennas, and the various intricacies of the system of electromagnetic waves used to detect, measure distances, and make maps of things, such as aircraft, motor vehicles, and weather information.

"My school had to move. I never in Jakarta, and the Taman Siswa Yogyakarta, and then complete the HBS (Hoogere Burgerschool) in Semarang in 1949. After that, I went Bandung Institute of Technology and grabbed the young scholar in 1955. I continue my studies at the Technische Universiteit (TU) Delft, graduating in 1958, "said the man who is now residing in the city of Ulm, the state of Bavaria, Germany.

Life changes
Intention to return to the country was made up. The goods were packed. All funds have also brought with him. Liem young to sea ports to "chase" that will ship to Asia, and drove him back to the Fatherland. Ship, that means the best possible transportation because the plane is still very limited and elitist.

However, before departure, Liem heard that Indonesia was open confrontation with Malaysia. Therefore, boarded the ship that would not dare close at Tanjung, Jakarta. The ship will only dock in Thailand and the Philippines. So, if Liem still want to go back to Indonesia, he must fall in one of the port.

"I was really confused. How is this? Want to go home, but could not get home, instead of people stranded in the country. I decided to cancel the return. All the suitcases and luggage down again, and it was the money was gone. But from here, as if my whole life changed. I returned to work in Stuttgart as a Radar System Engineer at AEG-Telefunken. The company is now the European Aeronautic Defense and Space (EADS), "he said.

Since then, Liem career in the field of electromagnetic waves and the world increasingly flying radar. After working at EADS, he was asked to become Head of Laboratory-theory Radarsystem years 1969-1978, followed then Head of Section (part of the laboratory), special handling Systemtheory and Design, for radar systems, air defense, and C3 Systems (Command Control Communication). Before retiring in 1995, Liem was still serving as Head of the Department of Radar and Sensor Concepts Diversifications.

"Although now retired, until 2003 I was asked to be a consulting engineer EADS," he added.

A very large role in the field of radar, sensors, and electromagnetic waves carry Liem for patenting a number of findings. Dozens of his findings internationally recognized standard, is now patented.

"What makes me thrilled, when preparing and Battlefield Fire Control Radars, Naval Fire Control Radar and so on. It's for the war and war always brings death. Also, when I designed the MSAM Systems: Hawk Successor; Airborne Radar High Vision and so on, "said Oom Liem.

He added, "I myself can not remember how many draft radars, antennas, and design of radar signals that I have patented. It can be opened on the Internet. "

Simply put, the science of electro ditekuni ever for learning, try developed by Om Liem. In the system of radio waves or signals, for example, when emitted, it can be captured by the radar, and then analyzed to determine the location of even the kind of thing. Although the received signal is relatively weak, the radar can easily detect and strengthen the signal.

"That's why the country of Indonesia, which consists of many islands, requiring a lot of radar and sophisticated in order to detect whatever is milling about in the air and at sea. Naked eye may not be able to see, especially with the increasingly sophisticated technology, the aircraft could pass through without leaving the voice. All that can be detected so that Indonesia is safe, "said Liem.

However, talking about Indonesia, Liem more reminded with some old friends who have a few tens of years apart. "All of a sudden I remembered old friends, such as Soewarso Martosuwignyo, Krisno Sutji, and others. I do not know, could I see them again? "He said with a faraway look through the glass window in his private library. (Tonny D Widiastono, Kompas, Tuesday, July 29, 2008) on

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is the most renowned name in the field of golf. An American professional golfer, he today boasts of being the number one golf player in the world. Tiger Woods was born as Eldrick Tiger Woods on 30th December 1975, in Cypress (California), to Earl Woods and Kultida Woods. His father was a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel. The only child of his parents, he has two half-brothers, Earl Jr. (born 1955) and Kevin, and one half-sister, Royce (from his father’s first marriage).

He is a Buddhist by religion, the faith adopted from his mother. Tiger Woods got the nickname of Tiger from Vuong Dang Phong, his father’s friend. With time, he started being known by the name ‘Tiger’ and in 1996; he changed his name legally from Eldrick to Tiger. He spent his growing up years in Orange County and went to Western High (Anaheim) for high school. He won the first tournament of his life ‘Optimist International Junior Championship’ in 1984 and from then onwards, started his journey to be the No. 1 golf player in the world.

In 1996, Tiger Woods turned pro and in 1997, at the age of 21-plus, he won his first major championship, The Masters. The same year, he bagged the title of the ‘PGA Player of the Year’ for the first time. In 1998, he attained the position of the No. 1 Golf Player in the world the first time. Tiger Woods got engaged to Elin Nordegren, a Swedish model, in the year 2003 and in October 2004, he married her at Sandy Lane resort on the Caribbean island of Barbados. In June 2007, he became the proud father of a small girl, whom he named Sam Alexis Woods.

Tiger Woods Facts

1975 - Born Eldrick T. Woods on 30th December in Cypress, California
1976 - Imitates his father’s swing at the age of 6 months
1978 - Comes on the Mike Douglas Show and putts against Bob Hope
1979 - Shoots a 48 over nine holes at the Navy Golf Club in Cypress, Calif
1984 - Wins Optimist International Junior Championship for the first time
1991 - Becomes youngest U.S. Junior Amateur Champion
Voted Southern California ‘Amateur Player of the Year’
Voted Golf Digest ‘Amateur Player of the Year’
1992 - Wins U.S. Junior National Championships for the first time
Competes in his first PGA Tour event, the Nissan Los Angeles Open
1994 - Wins U.S. Amateur Championship at the TPC at Sawgrass and becomes
the youngest winner ever
1995 - Wins U.S. Amateur Championship
Voted Pac-10 ‘Player of the Year’
Participates in the Masters, his first PGA major tournament and comes 41st (the only amateur to make the cut)
1996 - Becomes first golfer to win three consecutive U.S. Amateur titles
Wins NCAA Individual Men's Championship
Ties British Open, record for an amateur
Turns pro in August
Signs endorsement deals worth $40 million from Nike & $20 million from Titleist
Voted Sports Illustrated ‘Sportsman of the Year’
1997 - Wins first major championship, The Masters, being the youngest winner
Wins three other PGA events
Achieves No. 1 world ranking in his 42nd week as a Pro
Voted PGA Player of the Year
1998 - Wins one official PGA event (BellSouth Classic)
Closes the year with a No. 1 world ranking
1999 - Wins second PGA major title
Records eight PGA victories overall
Defeats David Duval at the Showdown at Sherwood
Voted PGA Player of the Year and AP Male Athlete of the Year
2000 - Wins Mercedes Championship and AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am
Wins U.S. Open at Pebble Beach
Breaks or ties a total of nine records at the U.S. Open
Wins the British Open
Wins PGA Championship
2001 - Wins the Masters tournament
Wins five overall PGA events
Voted PGA Player of the Year
2002 - Wins the Masters tournament
Wins PGA major
Wins U.S. Open at Bethpage Black
2004 - Marries Elin Nordegren, a Swedish model
2005 - Wins Buick Invitational
Wins the Masters tournament
Wins the British Open
2006 - Wins Buick Invitational at Torrey Pines
Loses his father to cancer
Wins the British Open
Wins the Buick Open
Wins PGA Championship
2007 - Wins PGA Championship
Become the proud father of a beautiful girl, Sam Alexis Woods

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Hughes Net Your Satellite Internet Provider

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Butet Kertaradjasa

artists with a lot of awards and this experience is an artist who came from jogja. This artist deeply concerned with art as with respect to his family, even if busy with art, but this one guy who still consider family.

awards and gained good experience from domestic and abroad is evidence that can not be considered an eye that he is an artist who no both. below is the data and received several awards. extraordinary

Butet Kertaradjasa
Yogyakarta 21 November 1961
Bagong Kussudiardja
Rulyani Isfihana (Kutai, East Kalimantan)
Giras Basuwondo (1981), Holy Senanti (1988), Galuh Paskamagma (1994)
Secondary School of Fine Arts (1978-1982), Faculty of Art and Design, Art Institute of Indonesia (1982-1987, broken down in the middle of the road).
1985 to present, active in theater gandrik as a player and organizer of production. Until now pursue theater and performing a monologue as a medium of expression. Theater gandrik an appearance together in several cities in Indonesia, including Indonesia's representative in the Second ASEAN Theater Festival (1990), in Singapore, bringing the play "Dhemit". And perform the same play in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; support gig 'Brigade Maling "Theater gandrik at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (1999). In 1991 became Editor (Culture) Guests at Bernas.
Theater, began ditekuni since 1978. Among others have joined in Theater Kita-Kita (1977), Theater SSRIs (1978-1981), Sanggarbambu (1978-1981), Theater Dynasty (1982-1985), Theater gandrik (1985-present), Community Pak Kanjeng (1993 -- 1994), Theater Paku (1994), Community art Kua Etnika (1995-present).
Dozens of theatrical repertoire have been followed in Theater gandrik include stump, Drag Market, Retirement, Sinden, issue, Dhemit, Order of Tubes, Monkey-Monkey, Tribute, Project, Flu, Bad Bath Home for Sale, Khayangan Goyang, Interpreter Lock, Squire Abiyoso , crying, Brigade Maling. Finally with Teater Koma, staging plays in Bagong Republic (2001).
Involved in Sinetron for titles such as Mr. Cat Selatiban (1985), Sincerity Kartika (1995), Assistant Director "Feature" (1996), Water of Life to the (1998), love hindered Wall (2001). In 1999, had become the most hated figure by the children, because of his role as Pak Raden in the movie The Adventures of Rasha.
For the monologue, beginning in 1986 through the Tobacco Toxins title, then tongue Fainting, bump Maling, Raja Rimba So master, Satan Nganggur, Honorable Bodies, and Teacher Ngambeg.
Theater Festival Best Actor DIY to high school se-2 in 1979, as Best Actor, and Director Senior High School Theater Festival as the DIY-4 (1981).
Year 1999 was named the "CHARACTERS OF ART" by PWI Branch Yogyakarta and in 2000 acquired the "ART AWARD" from the government of DIY.

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Mahfud MD. Chairman of the Constitutional Court

Mahfud MD as Chairman of the Constitutional Court recognized that speak out frankly but as responsible journalists asked him. judicial trial Chandra and Bibit case he still looks casual and relaxed.

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mahfud MD, SH, SU, was elected chairman of the Constitutional Court (MK) the period 2008-2011. He was accompanied by Abdul Muhktie Fadjar as vice chairman of the Constitutional Court. The elections were open in the plenary hall of the Constitutional Court building, Jakarta, Tuesday (19/8/2008). Mahfud replacing Jimly Asshiddiqie had two periods was the chairman of the Constitutional Court.

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mahfud MD, SH, SU
Sampang, Madura, May 13, 1957
Chairman of the Constitutional Court, 2008-20111

- Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) Yogyakarta
- Faculty of Literature and Culture UGM
- Doctor of constitutional law UGM, 1993

- Chairman of the Constitutional Court, 2008-2011
- Constitutional Justice, 2008-2013
- Member of Parliament (PKB faction), 2004-2008
- Minister of Defense of National Unity Cabinet, 1999-2001
- Lecturer, Professor of Islamic University of Indonesia (UII), Yogyakarta

Constitutional Court of Indonesia
Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No.. 6 Jakarta 10110
Tel. 23529000

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Antasari Azhar, Alleged Murderer??

This one guy who is currently facing a complicated case could have finished his career served until infinite time. Antasari Azhar at the defendant planned the murder of the boss PT. Putra Banjaran, Nasrudin. It also Antasari Azhar accused of indecent act or sexual abuse of the third wife of Rani Juliani Nasrudin. His case is now seeing a new phase where Wiliardi Wizard provides information or testimony in court that the victim engineering Antasari charges against him. The next development of the wait by millions of Indonesian people so concerned about this case. we see further developments

Personal Data

Nama :
Antasari Azhar
Lahir :
Pangkal Pinang, Bangka 18 Maret 1953
Ketua Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi, 2007-2011

Pendidikan :
• SD di Belitung, 1965
• SMP di Jakarta, 1968
• SMA di Jakarta, 1971
• Fakultas Hukum Universitas Sriwijaya, 1981
• Kursus
• Commercial Law di New South Wales University Sydney
• Investigation for environment law, EPA, Melbourne
Karier :
• BPHN Departemen Kehakiman (1981-1985)
• Jaksa Fungsional di kejaksaan negeri jakarta pusat (1985-1989)
• Jaksa Fungsional di kejaksaan negeri tanjung pinang (1989-1992)
• Kasi Penyidikan Korupsi kejaksaan tinggi Lampung (1992-1994)
• Kasi Pidana Khusus kejaksaan negeri jakarta barat (1994-1996)
• Kepala kejaksaan negeri Baturaja (1997-1999)
• Kasubdit upaya hukum pidana khusus Kejaksaan Agung(1999)
• Kasubdit Penyidikan Pidana khusus Kejaksaan Agung(1999-2000)
• Kepala bidang hubungan media massa Kejaksaan Agung (2000)
• Kepala kejaksaan negeri jakarta selatan
- Ketua Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi, 2007-2011

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Controlling Credit Report

Most of USA citizen face credit problem as their hardest problem. They tend to choose the wrong way to solve their problem and take the wrong decision in the first process of having a credit. The key to avoid credit problem is by managing your credit well and it can be seen from the condition of your credit report.

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The main reason of bad credit is that the people who take a loan program can’t pay the monthly payment or take high interest rate. It makes them have to take a penalty based on the agreement. For that reason, if you see something wrong with your credit you have to make a direct consultation and take fix credit as further action.

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Prof. Dr. dr. Nila Djuwita F. Moeloek SpM

Prof. Dr. dr. Nila Djuwita F. Moeloek SpM is ophthalmologist who was called to cikeas SBY to meet the calls that will interview him to serve as Minister of Health in the United Indonesia Cabinet Volume II. but when the results of medical tests can be found at Indigo Djuwita failed to minister because he is considered less able to resist stress, because it ministers to be ready mentally and her stress level must be low. flowers have been plastered on the front of the house but unfortunately he failed to become the minister of health and was replaced by dr. isang once the mutation by the doctor because the doctor isang Nila carry bird flu virus samples to the United States. and with a wise response dr. Indigo can accept all this, but why should dr. Endang, who succeeded him. (maybe that he had in mind) who knows??

Prof. Dr. dr. Nila Djuwita F. Moeloek SpM
Jakarta, 11 April 1949
Professor and Chairman of the Medical Research Unit Faculty of Medicine UI

Prof. Dr. H Dr. Farid Anfasa Moeloek, SpOG (Former Minister of Health)
- Ir. Muhammad Reiza Moeloek
- Ir. Puti Alifa Moeloek
- Puti Anisa Moeloek

- S1 University of Indonesia Faculty of Medicine.
- S2 Eye Specialist Medical Faculty University of Indonesia
- S3 (Doctorate) from FKUI Medicine with a dissertation on Model Diagnostic Checking Orbita tumor, the tumor discovery efforts more Early Orbita.

- PNS NIP 194904111976032001
- Lecturer of Faculty of Medicine UI
- Professor of Faculty of Medicine UI
- Eye Specialist Doctors RSUPN Cipto Mangunkusumo Jakarta
- Doctors Eye Clinic Eye Specialists Gutters
- Chairman of the Medical Research Unit Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia (2007-2009)

- Members Korpri (Korps Pegawai Republik Indonesia) RSUPN Cipto Mangunkusumo, Jakarta
- Chairman of Dharma Wanita Persatuan (1999-2004 and 2004-2009)
- Member of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI)
- Member of Optometrist Association of Indonesia (Perdami)
- Member of International Society Orbital Disorder, Oculoplastic and Lacrimal Surgery
- Chairman of the CPC PP Perdami
- Chairman / Member Seminar Plastic Eye Tumor Reconstruction Perdami

Home Address:
IV No Way Health. 7, Jakarta Pusat

Office Address:
Department of Health RI
Jl. Rasuna Said Kav. 4-9, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: (021) 5201590 Fax: (021) 5201591

- Nila.djuwita @

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Teguh Karya, Seniman Kelahiran Banten

Terlahir dengan nama Liem Tjoan Hok, di Pandeglang, Jawa Barat sekarang Propinsi Banten, 22 September 1937, Teguh Karya yang oleh rekan terdekatnya akrab dipanggil Om Steve, adalah sutradara film pelanggan piala citra. Dia layak disebut suhu teater Indonesia yang banyak melahirkan sineas-sineas terkemuka. Bagi para seniman ia dianggap sebagai bapak, guru, sekaligus teman.

Walau lahir dengan nama Liem Tjoan Hok, Teguh lebih merasa sebagai orang Banten. Ia memiliki seorang nenek kelahiran Bekasi, namanya Saodah, serta seorang sahabat Mang Dulapa, sais delman yang rutin membawa Teguh pulang pergi ketika masih duduk di bangku SD Pandeglang.

Beberapa aktor-aktris film Indonesia yang layak disebut sebagai bentukan Teguh, sebab mereka menjadi berjaya dan populer setelah membintangi film-film Teguh Karya, antara lain Slamet Rahardjo Djarot, Nano Riantiarno, Christine Hakim, Franky Rorimpandey, Alex Komang, Dewi Yul, Rae Sahetapi, Rina Hasyim, Tuti Indra Malaon (Alm), George Kamarullah, Henky Solaiman, Benny Benhardi, Ninik L. Karim, dan Ayu Azhari.

Setali tiga uang, Teguh pun seakan menjadi abadi sebagai sutradara terbaik spesialis peraih Piala Citra, untuk setiap karya-karya film terbarunya. Dan bersamaan itu, film yang disutradarainya, sering pula terpilih menjadi film terbaik yang dianugerahi Piala Citra.

Sejumlah judul film karya Teguh yang berhasil mengangkat nama sutradara dan pemain bintangnya, diantaranya, Wajah Seorang Laki-Laki (1971), Cinta Pertama (1973), Ranjang Pengantin (1974), Kawin Lari (1975), Perkawinan Semusim (1977), Badai Pasti Berlalu (1977), November 1828 (1979), Di Balik Kelambu (1982), Secangkir Kopi Pahit (1983), Doea Tanda Mata (1984), Ibunda (1986), dan Pacar Ketinggalan Kereta (1986).

Film pertama karya Teguh di tahun 1968 adalah film untuk anak-anak. Film serius konsumsi dewasa untuk pertama kali dihasilkannya pada tahun 1971, dan langsung menyabet beberapa penghargaan untuk kategori akting maupun penyutradaraan terbaik.

Karir dalam dunia film dirintisnya saat melakukan tugas praktik penulisan skenario film-film semi dokumenter, pada Perusahaan Film Negara (kini PPFN). Saat itu, mantan anggota Dewan Kesenian Jakarta (DKJ) periode 1968-1972 ini antara lain berkesempatan bekerja pada sutradara D. Djajakusuma, Nya Abbas Acup, Misbach Yusa Biran, Wim Umboh, dan Asrul Sani, baik itu sebagai penata artistik, pemain, atau asisten sutradara.

Ketika film layar lebar bermedium pita seluloid meredup sementara waktu di awal tahun 1990-an, untuk digantikan layar kaca yang marak muncul dengan kehadiran stasiun teve baru, Teguh pun sempat mengubah medium seninya. Ia berkesempatan menghasilkan karya film sinema elektronik (sinetron) untuk televisi, seperti Pulang (1987), Arak-Arakan (1992), dan Pakaian dan Kepalsuan (1994).

Ia pertama-tama melakoni seni sebagai pemain drama, antara tahun 1957 hingga 1961. Teguh, yang waktu itu masih menggunakan nama lahir Steve Liem Tjoan Hok, sudah sering tampil di panggung dalam pementasan-pementasan yang diadakan oleh ATNI (Akademi Teater Nasional Indonesia).

Lalu, secara akademis Teguh Karya menyelesaikan pendidikan seni di berbagai perguruan tinggi. Seperti, di Akademi Seni Drama dan Film (Asdrafi) Yogyakarta (tahun 1954-1955), Akademi Teater Nasional Indonesia (ATNI, 1957-1961), kemudian ke luar negeri East West Center Honolulu, Hawai (1962-1963) untuk belajar akting atau art directing. Kemampuan akademis itu kemudian dipadukan dengan pergaulannya yang intens dengan beberapa tokoh teater dan sutradara film legendarias, seperti Usmar Ismail, Asrul Sani, dan D. Djajakusuma yang banyak mempengaruhi proses berkeseniannya. Teguh turut aktif membidani kelahiran Badan Pembina Teater Nasional Indonesia, di tahun 1962.

Sejak tahun 1968, ia mendirikan Teater Populer, yang hingga akhir hayat adalah kebanggaan sekaligus ‘kenderaan’ seni yang tetap difungsikan. Ia mendirikan sanggar seninya di Jalan Kebon Kacang, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat yang juga rumah kediamannya. Rumah ini disulap menjadi sanggar kreatif para seniman terkemuka di Tanah Air. Melalui Teater Populer, Teguh yang masih menggunakan nama Steve Liem, berkesempatan membentuk dan melahirkan banyak aktor serta aktris kenamaan.

Sepulang dari studi art directing di Hawai, Teguh bekerja sebagai manajer panggung di Hotel Indonesia. Karena itu, Teater Populer yang Teguh lahirkan tahun 1968 dimaksudkan pula untuk mengisi acara-acara di Hotel Indonesia. Jadilah teater pengusung aliran realisme ini, awalnya lebih dikenal sebagai Teater Populer Hotel Indonesia. Pemain pendukungnya sebagian besar adalah mahasiswa ATNI serta para penggiat teater independen.

Teguh Karya, yang sepanjang hayat memilih hidup melajang, menghembuskan nafas terakhir kali di RSAL Mintohardjo, Jakarta Pusat, pada 11 Desember 2001 di usia 64 tahun, setelah terserang stroke menyerang otak bagian memori sejak tahun 1998. Walau hari-hari akhir dihabiskan di atas kursi roda, sesungguhnya stroke tak membuat badannya lumpuh total melainkan otak bagian memorilah yang tak lagi mampu bekerja maksimal, seperti merespon pembicaraan.
Teguh adalah pria yang selalu berpenampilan sederhana, sangat dicintai dan disayangi oleh teman-teman seprofesi, maupun para seniman lain. Bagi para seniman ia dianggap sebagai bapak, guru, sekaligus teman.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Mark Webber F1 Driver

After some racing success in Australia, Webber moved to the UK in 1995 to further his motorsport career.[2] He continued to win, although he gained his biggest headlines while driving for the Mercedes-Benz sports car squad at Le Mans in 1999 where he had two spectacular accidents during practice and warm-up in which an aerodynamic fault caused the car to somersault off the Mulsanne Straight. After Mercedes' withdrawal from the race, Webber began a partnership with fellow Australian Paul Stoddart, at that time owner of the European Racing Formula 3000 team, which eventually took them both into Formula One when Stoddart bought the Minardi team.

Webber made his debut in Formula One in 2002, scoring Minardi's first points in three years at his and Stoddart's home race. After his first season Jaguar Racing took him on as lead driver. During two years with the generally uncompetitive team Webber several times qualified on the front two rows of the grid and outperformed his team mates. His first F1 win was the 2009 German Grand Prix, prior to which he secured a string of second places, at the 2009 Chinese Grand Prix, 2009 Turkish Grand Prix, and 2009 British Grand Prix.

Webber is a director of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association, the Formula One drivers' union.

Webber is a keen sportsman away from the track. He has won the annual F1 Pro-Am tennis tournament in Barcelona three times and has recently set up the 'Mark Webber Pure Tasmania Challenge' trek across Tasmania to raise funds for cancer charities. Whilst cycling in the event during November 2008 he was involved in an accident when he collided head-on with a car. He sustained a broken leg which kept him out of most winter tests, but recovered before the start of the 2009 season.

Mark Alan Webber (born 27 August 1976[1] in Queanbeyan, New South Wales) is an Australian Formula One driver. In 2002 he became the first Australian to race in Formula One since David Brabham in 1994.[2] At the 2009 German Grand Prix, he became the first Australian to win a race since Alan Jones in 1981.[3]

Mark Webber driving for Red Bull Racing at the 2009 Turkish Grand Prix.

Webber remained with Red Bull for 2009, where he was joined by Sebastian Vettel after David Coulthard's retirement in 2008. After sustaining a broken leg in a road accident during his charity event in Tasmania in the off-season, he returned to testing on February 11 with steel rods in his leg.[83] As of the 2009 season, the only track on the calendar at which Webber has yet to score points is Interlagos, the venue for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

At the opening round in Australia, both Webber and Vettel performed well in practices and qualifying, with Red Bull one of the top competitive teams behind Brawn GP and Toyota, but an error in qualifying left him in 10th on the grid for the start of the 2009 Australian Grand Prix. An incident with Rubens Barrichello, Heikki Kovalainen and Nick Heidfeld saw Webber in a highly damaged vehicle for the remainder of the race, eventually finishing last under the safety car. Post-race, Webber related his disappointment for not being able to perform well at his home GP after recovering from his broken leg.

The 2009 Malaysian Grand Prix got off to a better start, with Webber qualifying 7th and gaining two positions due to penalties to other drivers. Webber was overtaken off the line by the KERS-running cars of Fernando Alonso and Kimi Räikkönen, but a series of bold moves coupled with good race pace over the next few laps saw him move up back to fifth. The RB5 performed well as weather conditions worsened, Webber driving his way to second before pitting to change to full wet-weather tyres. The race, which was halted early due to monsoonal rains, ended under the safety car with Webber in fourth. A list later announced his position as eighth. Further investigation brought his position up to sixth. He was awarded 1.5 points due to the half-points decision at the conclusion of the race. Webber was on track for a podium had the race not been red flagged.

The 2009 Chinese Grand Prix proved a breakthrough for Webber. Starting in third position, the race began under the safety car due to heavy rain. 25 minutes into the event, the safety car eventually re-entered the pit lane. Webber, who had gained a position with Alonso pitting, held strong in second position in extreme wet conditions until his first pit stop. Re-emerging in sixth position, he fought his way up the order, eventually having a tight-battle with Brawn GP's Jenson Button. He eventually overcame the pressure from Button and continued to pull away from him. Emerging after his second, and final, pit stop, he found himself in third position: Button ahead and Barrichello behind. Pulling away from Rubens, he eventually gained the advantage over Button during Jenson's pit stop. Gaining 9 seconds on his team mate in the last 15 laps, he brought his car home in 2nd position, 12 seconds behind Vettel. This event marked Webber's career-best finish and was also the first win (and one-two finish) for the Red Bull team.

The Spanish Grand Prix saw Webber qualifying fifth fastest and finishing third in the race, with Brawn GP's Barrichello in second and Red Bull Racing team mate Vettel in fourth. The pace of the RB5 had given Webber the speed necessary to compete regularly for podiums. Webber took 5th in Monaco and followed this up with his equal career best 2nd place in Turkey, equalling this result in the subsequent British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Webber qualified on pole for the first time in F1 at the Nurburgring for the German Grand Prix on Saturday, 11 July. This was the first time an Australian driver had claimed pole position since Alan Jones in 1980. He went on to achieve his first F1 victory despite receiving a drive through penalty early in the race for causing an avoidable collision at the start when he hit the Brawn GP of Rubens Barrichello. Webber went on to dominate the race and win ahead of his teammate Vettel, heading a Red Bull 1-2 and closing the gap on the Brawns in the constructors championship. Webber moved up to 3rd in the drivers championship after his win, passing Rubens Barrichello in the championship and stood behind Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel.

source : wikipedia with some editing
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tan Joe Hook

Tan Joe Hok (Hendra Kartanegara)
Bandung, 11 August 1937
Goei Kiok Nio (Nikah 1965)

= Elementary, junior high and high school Bandung
= Premedical Major in Chemistry & Biology Baylor University, Texas, USA (1959-1963)

Career and Achievements:
= Champion Kejurnas Surabaya (1956)
= Member Team Badminton Indonesia seize the Thomas Cup in Singapore (1958)
= Putra first All sweep England (1959)
= Putra Indonesia reach first Asian Games gold medal (1962)
= Member Tim Thomas Cup Indonesia (1964-1967)
= Trainer badminton in Mexico (1969-1970)
= Trainer badminton in Hong Kong (1971)
= Trainer Tim Thomas Cup Indonesia in Kuala Lumpur (1984)
= PB Trainer badminton Holy Needle

Director of Mandala Pest Control (since 1973)

Sports trainers Answer by SIWO / PWI Jaya (1984)

Home Address:
Jalan Jaya Mandala II No.. Pancoran 2, Jakarta 12870

He has a big name athlete's pride in this country time. He can be happy is not it the name of the nation. Tan Joe Hok, the birth of Bandung, 11 August 1937 the first son of a sweep All England (1959) and reach the Asian Games gold medal (1962). In addition, players with six other Indonesian badminton, grab the first time Thomas Cup (1958) and retain the next year.

He was an Indonesian badminton hero. Imagine him bleed out of school for the scent of the nation through badminton. Tan started playing badminton in the streets. His father, a merchant of football players, and then see the talent and give him support. Badminton players blood flowing from his mother, who also play badminton.

source :

Josephus Ignatius Gerardus Maria Drost

Drs. Josephus Ignatius Gerardus Maria Drost S.J. (Jakarta, 1 August 1925 - Semarang, 19 February 2005) called the familiar Pater Drost is one of the prominent educators and learners to contribute a lot of thinking in the education of Indonesia. Thoughts are always fresh and meaningful progress for the sake of Indonesian education.

Viewpoints and ideas are often different and meaningful education autokritik about Indonesia. However, he submitted them in such a way so as not to cause disagreement with the views or opinions of others.

Pastor had a deep philosophy in Yogyakarta in 1952, is a prominent educator-oriented services. Graduates physics at the Institute Technology Bandung (ITB) in 1957, this did not look high-low position in the task of consecration and ministry. Alumni Teologia Yogyakarta (graduated 1961), this did not feel free and down-grade when assigned to be the Head of SMA Kanisius Jakarta in 1976-1987.

But before he was appointed Rector of IKIP Sanata Dharma (now the University of Sanata Dharma) Yogyakarta (1964-1967), after previous positions he was appointed Vice Rector of Student IKIP Sanata Dharma in Yogyakarta (1962-1964).

Years 1987-1991, he was appointed Head of Jakarta Gonzaga High School and Gonzaga College and Rector of the seminary Wacana Bhakti until 1993.

Saturday 19 February 2005 approximately at 16.15, a figure almost lifelong subjugate themselves to the world of education, died because of this disease prostat Elisabeth Hospital in Semarang, Central Java, in the age of 80 years. in the grave on Monday 21 February 2005 in The Jesuit Girisonta at 11:00, after Misa Requim in Chapel Girisonta.

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Melky Goeslaw

Melky Jannes Bondoc, singer and songwriter born in Morotai, North Maluku, on 7 May 1947, died in Jakarta in the age of 59 years at approximately 16:00 on Wednesday, 20 December 2006. Juara Lagu Pop Festival National (FLPN) in 1975, it died due to cancer disease tuberculosis four stages.

Melky is a sickness in the last few years, suddenly does not sadarkan themselves. When would be taken to Pertamina Hospital Center, he was against the last breath. Melky leaving four children, namely Tommy, Abraham, Melly and Yuliet and four grandchildren.

Jenazah be buried in the house of mourning in Jalan Masjid, Petukangan North, South Jakarta. Buried in the cemetery land carman on Friday (22/12).

Melky start belantika music known in Indonesia after the sweep Pop Festival Lagu Nasional (FLPN) 1975. In the festifa, Melky brings song Go Back To Minggus Tahitu composition. 1977 he appears again in the FLPN with Diana Nasution and II to reach the top. When they present the songs Clove Flower The Cold and Night of Minggus Tahitu.

Besides as a singer, also known as Melky songwriter. Mekly popular works, among others, Hiroshima-Nagasaki and Ali Selamat Jalan Bang is popular in the 1970s. Also, the Reggae Dance dipopulerkan Nola Tilaar in the early 1980s. He also improvise in Maluku Gepe, Gepe, sio Mama.

Melky also been active in the field of sports as a manager Ellyas Pical boxer (1987). Later, he was doing in the field of perkayuan.

Melky Goelaw
Morotai, North Maluku, on 7 May 1947
Jakarta, December 20, 2006

- Singer and Song Composers
- Tommy, Abraham, Melly and Yuliet
- Winners Pop song Festival National (FLPN) 1975

Family Home Address:
Masjid Street, Petukangan North, South Jakarta

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Jusuf Kalla

Jusuf Kalla

Tempat & tgl. lahir:
Watampone (Makassar), 15 Mei 1942

Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Hasanuddin (1967)
The European Institute of Business Administration, Prancis (1977)

Direktur Utama NV Hadji Kalla dan PT Bumi Karsa (1968 - 2001)
Komisaris Utama PT Bukaka Teknik Utama (1988 - 2001)
Komisaris Utama PT Bukaka Singtel International (1995 - 2001)
Menteri Perindustrian dan Perdagangan di era Presiden Abdurrahman Wahid (1999 - 2000)
Menteri Koordinator Bidang Kesejahteraan Rakyat di era Presiden Megawati (Agustus 2001 - April 2004)
Wakil Presiden RI (2004 - sekarang)

Dewan Penasihat ISEI Pusat (2000 - sekarang)
Ketua Harian Yayasan Islamic Center Al-Markaz (1994 - sekarang)
Ketua Ikatan Keluarga Alumni UNHAS (1992 - sekarang)

Wakil Presiden SBY ini saat ini mencalonkan diri menjadi Presiden RI setelah sebelumnya dia "tidak diterima" oleh SBY sebagai calon Wakil Presiden untuk periode ke 2, Yusuf Kalla tidak diinginkan oleh SBY karena menurut beberapa pengamat, JK adalah orang yang "nakal" kepada Amerika sementara SBY pun di ramalkan ingin punya wakil yang sama dengan dia (tunduk kepada Amerika). menjelang RAPIMNAS Golkar SBY pun belum membuat keputusan dan itu menurut partai golkar, demokrat telah mempermainkan dan mendikte golkar. SBY tidak ingin JK tapi mau Golkarnya. Golkar yang notabene partai besar kemudian memutuskan komunikasi politik dengan Demokrat menjelang rapimnas Golkar beberapa waktu lalu dan dalam rapimnas diusung lah JK sebagai Presiden RI dan rapimnas pun memberikan mandat sepenuhnya kepada JK untuk melakukan komunikasi politik dengan partai lain diluar Demokrat.

Dan saat ini JK resmi berpasangan dengan wiranto untuk bertarung di pilpres 2009, Wiranto merupakan pendiri partai Hanura. Dengan mengusung jargon "lebih cepat lebih baik" JK ingin menunjukkan bahwa selama ini di Pemerintahan dia lebih cepat ketimbang SBY dan tentunya lebih baik juga. JK sering mengucapkan bahwa Ia sering menjadi bemper kebijakan Pemerintah dan sebenarnya banyak kebijakan berasal dari idenya.

Lalu apa kata Anda???

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Soeharto Part I

Pria yang satu ini lahir dari seorang wanita yang bernama Sukirah pada tanggal 8 Juni 1921 di rumah orang tuanya yang sederhana, di desa Kemusuk, dusun terpencil di daerah Argomulyo, Godean, sebelah barat kota Yogyakarta.

Ayahnya bernama Kertosudiro adalah ulu-ulu, petugas desa pengatur air yang bertani diatas tanah lungguh, tanah jabatan selama beliau memikul tugasnya itu. Beliau yang memberi nama Soeharto.

Dari istri yang pertama Kertosudiro mempunyai dua anak, sebagai duda Kertosudiro kemudian menikahi ibu Soeharto yang menjadikan Soeharto sebagai anak ketiga dari pernikahan tersebut, tetapi saat Soeharto lahir dari buah cinta pasangan tersebut, Kertosudiro dan Sukirah pun bercerai karena tidak serasi. “papar Soeharto”.

Beberapa tahun kemudian Ibu Sukirah pun menikah lagi dengan seseorang yang bernama Atmopawiro dan pernikahan tersebut mendapatkan empat orang anak sementara Kertosudiro pun menikah lagi dan mendapatkan empat anak juga.

Pada Oktober 1974 di sebuah majalah ada yang menulis bahwa Soeharto adalah keturunan ningrat maka Soeharto lantas menyuruh Dipo (G. Dwipayana) membantah tulisan tersebut dan bantahan tersebut harus di muat di majalah dan surat kabar harian yang terbit di Jakarta. Tetapi sepertinya itu dirasakan tidak cukup bagi Soeharto, maka selang sehari Soeharto pun memerintahkan para wartawan berkumpul di Bina Graha, di kamar kerja nya.

Soeharto ingin secara pribadi menjelaskan silsilah keluarganya, di depan wartawan dalam dan luar negeri beliau membeberkan bahwa dia bukan keturunan ningrat. “Saya adalah keturunan Bapak Kertosudiro atau Kertorejo, ulu-ulu yang secara pribadi tidak mempunyai sawah sejengkal pun. Saya berterus terang, di dalam menghadapi kehidupan sewaktu saya kecil, saya mengalami banyak penderitaan yang mungkin tidak dialami oleh orang lain. “papar Soeharto”

Beliau mengatakan bahwa tulisan-tulisan yang tidak benar mengenai silsilahnya mungkin bisa ditafsirkan yang tidak-tidak atau mungkin bisa memberikan bahan-bahan yang bukan hanya membuat nya rugi tapi juga keluarga dan leluhur-leluhur beliau dan mungkin juga sampai pada bangsa dan Negara Indonesia. Dalam bahasa jawa ada pepatah “sadumuk bathuk, sanyari bumi” sekalipun hanya di dumuk, tapi batuknya, berarti mengenai harga diri keluara dan pribadinya.

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Carolus Linnaeus, Bapak Taksonomi Modern

Raih Gelar Doktor dalam Enam Hari

Carolus Linnaeus atau Carl (von) Linne (Almhult, 23 Mei 1707 – Uppsala, 10 Januari 1778) adalah ilmuwan Swedia yang meletakkan dasar tatanama biologi . ia dikenal sebagai “bapak taksonomi modern” dan juga bapak ekologi modern. Ia ahli botani yang paling dihormati pada masanya, dan juga terkenal dengan kemampuan bahasanya.
Selain menjadi ahli botani, Linnaeus juga ahli dalam zoology dan seorang dokter. Ia lahir di Paroki Stenbrohult (sekarang wilayah administrasi Almhult), di bagian selatan Swedia, ayahnya bernama Nils Ingemarsson Linnaeus dan ibunya bernama Christina Brodersonia.

Ketertarikannya dalam studi botani sempat membuat seorang dokter dari kotanya terpesona dan ia dikirim untuk bersekolah di Universitas Lund, kemudian pindah ke Universitas Uppsala setelah setahun.

Dalam masa-masa ini Linnaeus mempunyai keyakinan bahwa dalam benang sari dan putik bunga terkandung dasar-dasar klasifikasi tumbuhan, maka ia menuliskan sebuah makalah singkat pada suatu mata kuliah yang berhasil membuatnya menjadi asisten professor. Tahun 1732 Badan Akademik Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam di Uppsala membiayai ekspedisinya untuk meneliti Laplandia, hasilnya adalah tulisan berjudul Flora Laponica yang dicetak tahun 1737.

Pada tahun 1735 Linnaeus bertemu dengan ahli botani Jan Frederik Gronovius dan memperlihatkannya rancangan makalahnya mengenai Taksonomi, yang berjudul Systema Naturae. Di dalamnya, penggunaan deskripsi resmi – physalis amno ramosissime ramis angulosis glabris foliis dentoserratis – diganti olehnya menjadi nama genus-species yang ringkas dan akrab pada zaman sekarang – Phylasis angulata – dan penggolongan taksa lebih tinggi dibuat secara berurutan. Meskipun system ini, tatanama binomial (nomenklatur binomial), dikembangkan oleh Bauhin bersaudara. Linnaeus dapat dikatakan sebagai yang mempeloporinya.

Pada akhir hidupnya, Linnaeus sering menderita sakit, seperti encok dan sakit gigi, ia terkena serangan stroke dua kali, yaitu pada tahun 1774 dan 1778, hingga kehilangan fungsi bagian tubuhnya bagian kanan. Linnaeus meninggla dunia pada 10 Januari 1778 di Uppsala pada suatu upacara di katedral Uppsala dan kemudian ia di makamkan di katedral tersebut.

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Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson, semua orang di dunia yang gemar dengan sepak bola mungkin sudah tak asing dengan kakek yang satu ini, Pria yg akrab disapa Fergi atau Sir Alex ini merupakan pelatih sukses sepanjang masa. Pelatih ini sukses membawa MU merajai di semua turnamen dan semua level. Tak kurang dari 41 gelar telah diraih oleh Sir Alex, sebuah pretasi yang tak bisa disaingi oleh pelatih manapun.

Sir Alex dalam melatih dia selalu menggunakan pendekatan emosional terhadap para pemainnya agar bisa “mengontrol” pemainnya supaya bisa lebih baik bermain. Intuisi dan kematangan dia sebagai pelatih tidak bisa dianggap sebelah mata. Dengan tangan dingin dan analisanya Fergie mahir mencari pemain dan memoles calon bintang lapangan hijau, lihat saja beberapa nama seperti Eric Cantona atau "The King Cantona", kemudian David Beckham atau "Becks" dan sekarang salah satu bintang polesan Fergie adalah Cristiano Ronaldo atau "CR-7" sang peraih pemain terbaik dunia 2008. Tetapi ada satu yang unik tentang Fergie, dia adalah pelatih yang takut terhadap istrinya, walau dalam melatih dia sangat keras terhadap anak asuhnya..

Tidak ada yang tahu sampai kapan dia akan ada di MU, karena jarang sekali media mengungkap kan tentang kontrak Fergie di United, tetapi melalui anaknya “Darren, Sir Alex Ferguson akan pensiun sebagai manajer tim Setan Merah di akhir musim ini. Spekulasi mengenai Fergie akan mengakhiri perjalanan panjangnya di Old Trafford telah lama beredar.

Terutama sejak ia berencana berhenti setelah mencapai umurnya yang ke 60, tujuh tahun yang lalu. Saat ini, Darren Ferguson manajer Peterborough dari divisi satu Liga Inggris itu mengisyaratkan bahwa pada musim panas 2010 ayahnya akan berhenti dari pertandingan.”
“Kesehatannya baik dan dia membangun sebuah tim baru” jelas Darren. “Jika MU menang (Premier League) tahun ini, maka mereka menyamai rekor Liverpool dalam perolehan gelar” “Saya bisa melihat ayah saya melakukan hal ini tahun ini ataupun tahun-tahun berikutnya, dan mungkin itulah yang akan dia lakukan.” *)

Dia adalah pelatih yang disegani oleh rivalnya termasuk oleh Jose Maurinho rival utama Fergie saat Maurinho masih bersama Chelsea. Ini petikan dimana Maurinho memberikan support dan apresiasi terhadap Fergie dan pernyataan secara tidak langsung dari Maurinho bahwa dia ingin melatih untuk United.

“Siapa yang dapat mengatakan tidak kepada Manchester United?” tanya Mourinho.
“Mereka termasuk kelompok kecil klub di seluruh dunia yang mana tidak seorangpun akan mengatakan tidak. Tapi pertama-tama saya tidak percaya pada tahun 2010 Sir Alex Ferguson akan pergi. Saya tidak percaya.”
“Saya pikir tahun demi tahun ia tetap sama. Ia persisnya orang yang sama; sehat, senang, jadi saya tidak melihat alasan baginya untuk keluar. Saya berharap ia terus melatih karena ia bagus,” pukas pria Portugal tersebut. *)

Data Pribadi Sir Alex Ferguson berikut dengan gelar yang sudah diraihnya..

Sir Alex Ferguson
Born: December 31, 1941

Birthplace: Govan, Glasgow
Previous Clubs: Aberdeen, St Mirren, East Stirling

Premiership:2008, 2007, 2003, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1997, 1996, 1994, 1993; FA Cup: 2004, 1999, 1996, 1994, 1990; League Cup: 2006, 1992; League Cup 2006;
FA Charity Shield: 1997, 1996, 1994, 1993, 1990, 2003; Scottish Premier League: 1985, 1984, 1980;
Scottish First Division: 1977;
Scottish FA Cup: 1986, 1984, 1983, 1982;
Scottish League Cup: 1986;
UEFA Champions League: 2008, 1999;
UEFA Cup Winners' Cup: 1991, 1983;
European Super Cup: 1983, 1991;
Inter-Continental Club Cup: 1999 Piala Dunia Antar Club: 2008
Dan saat ini Ferguson bersama dengan The Dream Team Manchester United Jilid 2 berharap bisa memborong empat piala dari empat Turnamen berbeda yang sedang dilakoni Oleh Ronaldo cs sekaligus ingin menyamai rekor Liverpool yang telah menjadi juara sebanyak 18 kali...

Bravo United
*) kutipan dari

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M. Schumacher Profile

Michael Schumacher was born on 3 January 1969 in western Germany (in Hurth, near Cologne). As early as four years of age he was notching up his first circuits at the go-kart track nearby where his parents. In the go-kart he was runner-up in the Junior World Championships at the age of sixteen, and two years later he became the European Champion - and go-kart racing remains his great passion to this day. After fifteen years of go-kart racing he switched to racing cars and came out in front in numerous German championships. In 1990, Schumacher became the Mercedes-Benz team driver in the Sports Car World Championship and the German Formula 3 Champion.

In 1991, at the Belgian Grand Prix, Schumacher made his debut as a replacement driver for the Formula 1 Jordan team. By the following year he had already won his first Grand Prix, at Belgium's Spa-Francorchamps, in a Benetton-Ford. After placing third in the World Championship of 1992 and fourth of 1993, he landed the World Title in 1994 and dedicated it to Ayrton Senna - "the man who deserved to get it". In 1995, Schumacher defended his World Championship title in a Benetton-Renault. With a record nine wins out of seventeen Grand Prix races, this was a triumphant season for the German driver.

After four and a half years with Benetton, Schumacher signed a contract with Ferrari, with the objective of bringing the World Championship once again back to Maranello. Under his influence, the Italian team restructured itself. The key positions were occupied by new expert personnel. In 1997 and 1998, he narrowly missed out on the World Title - in each case, in the final race of the season. As early as 1998, he renewed his contract with Ferrari until the year 2002.

The 1999 season was an emotional roller-coaster ride for Schumacher. At Silverstone he suffered the first serious accident of his career. After sustaining a double fracture of the right leg the German driver was forced to withdraw from the Championship for six Grand Prix races. Then in Malaysia he celebrated a glorious come-back and by the end of the season had exerted an appreciable influence on the destiny of the Constructors' World Championship.

In the year 2000 Schumacher done what he promised he would do and brought the driver's title home to Ferrari for the first time in 21 years. Nine race wins in a season dominated by the brilliance of Schumacher was more than enough to secure his 3rd world title. Michael finished the season with 108 points and was the clear winner.

As defending champion in the 2001 season Michael Schumacher simply ran away with the world title his fourth in total and second for Ferrari. Once again Michael won nine races along with eleven pole positions. On his way to a massive winning margin the German re-wrote a number of records along the way, including the highest number of Grand Prix wins, highest number of points scored and the highest number of fastest laps. Schumacher renewed his Ferrari contract until 2004 and looks set to continue winning races and titles for the Maranello team for some time yet.

2002 would see Schumacher further cement his name into the history of the sport. His third successive drivers world championship with Ferrari and his fifth in total was won with commanding performances. Schumacher took 7 pole positions and 11 wins as he cruised to the title, which was won earlier than ever before. Schumacher took the record books apart in a season that saw him finish every race of the season with a lowest position of third! Nothing could stand in the way of his title and he afforded himself the luxury of helping team mate Rubens Barrichello to at least 2 wins.
Schumacher would go on to claim his 6th world title in 2003 but it was not as easy as he had it in 2002. McLaren's Kimi Raikkonen and Juan Pablo Montoya in the Williams took the challenge to Michael and it was a challenge he enjoyed. The new points scoring system had taken the title battle down to the wire in Japan and with perhaps his worst race of the season Schumacher scored 1 point to take the title. Schumacher had once again a great season of reliability and never once retired from a race due to car problems, but other problems including puncture's, pit stop fires and a river in Brazil did cause him some challenging moments, but he emerged victorious once again.
2004 was yet another championship winning year for Schumacher as well as Ferrari as they simply dominated the season from start to finish, mirroring the domination shown back in 2002. Schumacher was never really threatened as he claimed his 7th world title, only team mate Barrichello kept him honest and a slight challenge from the BAR team and Jenson Button, but Schumacher cruised it.
The 2005 season would not be so great for Schumacher, a raft of changes enforced by the FIA ensured the Ferrari teams advantage was nullified, tyre changes at pitstops were outlawed taking away one of Schumacher's best ability's to pump in race winning laps in and around the pitstops. As it was Ferrari suffered with tyre problems for the whole season as Bridgestone found it tough to come to terms with making a race distance tyre. This handed the advantage to the Michelin shod Renault team and Fernando Alonso became the youngest ever world champion. Schumacher's only win came at the highly controversial USGP when only the Bridgestone teams entered the race. The only other real bright spot for Schumacher was a great drive to 2nd place at Imola.

In 2006 Michael Schumacher would say farewell to Formula One as he brought an end to his illustrious career, sadly he was unable to go out with a 8th title but he went out on a high as he took the title battle with Alonso to the last race of the season. Many questioned if he could go on for a few more years but at 37 Michael declared his batteries empty despite putting in some stunning drives throughout the season. He plans to take a well earned rest and have some quality time with his family before deciding what direction his new life without F1 will take.

Career Stats

World Championships : 7
Grand Prix Starts : 248
Wins : 91
Pole Positions : 68
Fastest Laps : 76
Podium Finishes : 154
Career Points : 1,369
Full details of Schumacher's Ferrari career
Schumacher's Records
* Most world titles: 7
* Most consecutive titles: 5 (2000-2004)
* Most wins: 91
* Most wins in a single season: 13 (2004)
* Most consecutive wins in single season: 7 (2004)
* Most wins at the same race: 8 (French GP)
* Most wins with one team: 72
* Most wins from pole: 40
* Most pole positions: 68
* Most front-row starts: 115
* Most podium finishes: 154
* Most second place finishes: 43
* Most points scored: 1,369
* Most points finishes: 190
* Most points in a single season: 148
* Most fastest laps: 76
* Most fastest laps in a season: 10
* Most races led: 141
* Most laps led: 5,108
* Most consecutive podiums: 19 (USA 2001-Japan 2002)
* Most consecutive points finishes: 24
* Most consecutive seasons with a win: 15
* Most ‘clean sweeps’ (pole, win, fastest lap): 22
* Largest points gap between champion and runner-up: 67
* Earliest title winner: 2002 (in July, with 6 races remaining)
* Longest spell with one team: 11 seasons
* Only driver to have finished every race on the podium: 2002

Source : the scuderia

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Under Reconstruction but you can choice pic in the upper slide..hehe