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Unpretentious lifestyle brought General Big A.H. Nasution until the end of his life, 6 September 2000. He did not inherit the family's material wealth, but wealth of experience of struggle and idealism. House in Jalan Teuku Umar, Jakarta, still looks dull, never renovated. But God bless him long life, 82 years old.

Tapanuli man is more to be a devout idealist general worship. He was never tempted to go into a business that could give her material wealth. If there is a general difficulty of clean water daily in his home, Mr. Nas was. Hidden hands cut off the flow of water piped to his home, shortly after Mr. Nas retired from the military. To meet the needs of daily water, Nasution's family was forced to make a well in the back of the house. The well was still there until now.

Abdul Haris Nasution
Five Star General
KOTANOPAN, South Tapanuli, North Sumatra, December 3, 1918
Jakarta, 6 September 2000
Johanna Ny Sunarti

= HIS, Yogyakarta (1932)
= HIK, Yogyakarta (1935)
= AMS Part B, Jakarta (1938)
= Military Academy, Bandung (1942)
= Doctor HC of the Islamic University of North Sumatra, Medan (constitutional Science, 1962)
- University of Padjadjaran, Bandung (Political Science, 1962)
= University of Andalas, Padang (1962 State Science)
= University of Mindanao, Philippines (1971)
= Teacher in Bengkulu (1938)
= Teacher in Palembang (1939-1940)
= Municipal Employees Bandung (1943)
= And Division III TKR / TRI, Bandung (1945-1946)
= And the Division I Siliwangi, Bandung (1946-1948)
= Deputy Commander in Chief / Chief of Staff Operations MBAP, Yogyakarta (1948)
= Java Command (1948-1949)
= Army Chief of Staff (1949-1952)
= Army Chief of Staff (1955-1962)
= Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1955-1959)
= National Security Minister / Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs (1959-1966)
= Deputy Commander of the Supreme Command (1962-1963)
= Deputy Commander of the Supreme Command (1965)
= Chairman of the MPRS (1966-1972)

Home Address:
Jalan Teuku Umar 40, Jakarta Pusat Telp: 349,080

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Fernando Alonso>> Ferrari

Alonso next season to drive for ferrari and he's in his duet with Felipe Massa. ferrari boss expressed confidence on the duo drivers this time and he thought this was the best duo next season. and the ferrari boss is very optimistic with this duet and is expected to be perfect and win the championship.

Fernando Alonso Díaz (born July 29, 1981 in Oviedo, Spain) is a Spanish Formula One racing driver and a two-time World Champion, who will be racing in 2010 for Scuderia Ferrari.

On 25 September 2005, he won the Formula One World Driver's Championship title at the age of 24 years and 58 days, breaking Emerson Fittipaldi's record of being the youngest Formula One World Drivers' Champion (this record was subsequently broken by Lewis Hamilton). After retaining the title the following year, Alonso also became the youngest double Champion. In 2007, he became the second F1 driver, after Michael Schumacher, to score at least 100 points for three consecutive seasons. Nicknamed El Nano, Alonso acts as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF[1] and is one of the directors of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association.

As a child, Alonso participated in karting competitions around Spain, supported by his father, who also doubled as his mechanic. His family lacked the financial resources needed to develop a career in motorsport, but his victories attracted sponsorship and the required funds. Alonso won four Spanish championships back-to-back in the junior category, between 1993 and 1996 and the Junior World Cup in 1996. He won the Spanish and Italian Inter-A titles in 1997 and in 1998 won the Spanish Inter-A title again as well as finishing second in the European Championship.

Former Minardi F1 driver Adrián Campos gave Alonso his first test in a race car in October 1998. After three days of testing at the Albacete circuit, Alonso had matched the lap times of Campos' previous driver Marc Gené. Campos signed Alonso to race for him in the 1999 Spanish Euro Open MoviStar by Nissan series. In his second race, again at Albacete, Alonso won for the first time. He took the championship by one point from championship rival Manuel Giao by winning and setting fastest lap at the last race of the season. Alonso also tested for the Minardi Formula One team, lapping 1.5 seconds faster than the other drivers at the test.

The following season Alonso moved up to Formula 3000, which was often the final step for drivers before ascending to Formula One. Alonso joined Team Astromega and was the youngest driver in the series that year by eleven months. Alonso didn't score a point until the seventh race of the year, but in the final two rounds he took a second place and a victory, enough for him to end the season fourth overall behind Bruno Junqueira, Nicolas Minassian and Mark Webber.

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Jenson Alexander Lyons Button (JB)

Jenson Button is a Formula One world champion in 2009. Formula One in 2009 was the result not of previous predictions, which teams top like a Ferrari and a Mercedes that usually win the Formula One, but this time it is Brawn GP with drivers Jenson Button who won this 2009 season. where Kimi, Felipe Masa or Lewis Hamilton? This year's Jenson Button.
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Jenson Alexander Lyons Button (born 19 January 1980 in Frome, Somerset) is an English Formula One driver, currently driving for the Brawn GP team, with whom he is the reigning Formula One World Drivers' Champion.

He first drove in Formula One in the 2000 season, with the Williams team, switching in 2001 to Benetton, which in 2002 became Renault F1. After two years with the Enstone-based squad, he moved to BAR in 2003. They were subsequently renamed Honda for the 2006 season, during which Button won his first Grand Prix in Hungary, on 6 August 2006, after 113 races.[1]

Following the withdrawal of Honda from the sport in December 2008, he was left without a drive for the 2009 season, until Ross Brawn led a management buyout of the team in February 2009, and Button suddenly found himself in a highly competitive, Mercedes-engined car. He went on to win six of the first seven races of the 2009 season, equalling a record achieved by only two other drivers: Michael Schumacher and Jim Clark. At the Brazilian Grand Prix, he amassed enough points over his rivals to secure the 2009 World Drivers' Championship, while also helping Brawn GP to secure the World Constructors' Championship in its maiden season.

2009 team Brawn GP
2009 Car # 22
2010 team TBA
2010 Car # 1
Races 172 (170 starts)
Championships 1 (2009)
Wins 7
Podiums 24
Career points 327
Pole positions 7
Fastest laps 2
First race 2000 Australian Grand Prix
First win 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix
Last win 2009 Turkish Grand Prix
Last race 2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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