Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tan Joe Hook

Tan Joe Hok (Hendra Kartanegara)
Bandung, 11 August 1937
Goei Kiok Nio (Nikah 1965)

= Elementary, junior high and high school Bandung
= Premedical Major in Chemistry & Biology Baylor University, Texas, USA (1959-1963)

Career and Achievements:
= Champion Kejurnas Surabaya (1956)
= Member Team Badminton Indonesia seize the Thomas Cup in Singapore (1958)
= Putra first All sweep England (1959)
= Putra Indonesia reach first Asian Games gold medal (1962)
= Member Tim Thomas Cup Indonesia (1964-1967)
= Trainer badminton in Mexico (1969-1970)
= Trainer badminton in Hong Kong (1971)
= Trainer Tim Thomas Cup Indonesia in Kuala Lumpur (1984)
= PB Trainer badminton Holy Needle

Director of Mandala Pest Control (since 1973)

Sports trainers Answer by SIWO / PWI Jaya (1984)

Home Address:
Jalan Jaya Mandala II No.. Pancoran 2, Jakarta 12870

He has a big name athlete's pride in this country time. He can be happy is not it the name of the nation. Tan Joe Hok, the birth of Bandung, 11 August 1937 the first son of a sweep All England (1959) and reach the Asian Games gold medal (1962). In addition, players with six other Indonesian badminton, grab the first time Thomas Cup (1958) and retain the next year.

He was an Indonesian badminton hero. Imagine him bleed out of school for the scent of the nation through badminton. Tan started playing badminton in the streets. His father, a merchant of football players, and then see the talent and give him support. Badminton players blood flowing from his mother, who also play badminton.

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