Saturday, June 20, 2009

Josephus Ignatius Gerardus Maria Drost

Drs. Josephus Ignatius Gerardus Maria Drost S.J. (Jakarta, 1 August 1925 - Semarang, 19 February 2005) called the familiar Pater Drost is one of the prominent educators and learners to contribute a lot of thinking in the education of Indonesia. Thoughts are always fresh and meaningful progress for the sake of Indonesian education.

Viewpoints and ideas are often different and meaningful education autokritik about Indonesia. However, he submitted them in such a way so as not to cause disagreement with the views or opinions of others.

Pastor had a deep philosophy in Yogyakarta in 1952, is a prominent educator-oriented services. Graduates physics at the Institute Technology Bandung (ITB) in 1957, this did not look high-low position in the task of consecration and ministry. Alumni Teologia Yogyakarta (graduated 1961), this did not feel free and down-grade when assigned to be the Head of SMA Kanisius Jakarta in 1976-1987.

But before he was appointed Rector of IKIP Sanata Dharma (now the University of Sanata Dharma) Yogyakarta (1964-1967), after previous positions he was appointed Vice Rector of Student IKIP Sanata Dharma in Yogyakarta (1962-1964).

Years 1987-1991, he was appointed Head of Jakarta Gonzaga High School and Gonzaga College and Rector of the seminary Wacana Bhakti until 1993.

Saturday 19 February 2005 approximately at 16.15, a figure almost lifelong subjugate themselves to the world of education, died because of this disease prostat Elisabeth Hospital in Semarang, Central Java, in the age of 80 years. in the grave on Monday 21 February 2005 in The Jesuit Girisonta at 11:00, after Misa Requim in Chapel Girisonta.

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