Friday, December 18, 2009

Radar Experts World

Liem Tiang Gwan, the son born Semarang Indonesia, June 20, 1930, is an expert on radar (radio detection and ranging) worldwide. Radar designs are widely used to monitor and guide the plane's ups and downs in various parts of the world. Even the military in many European countries use the services to design an appropriate defense radar for his country.

Liem tiang Gwan, had struggled for decades and the poor across the world of antennas, radar, and air traffic control. His name was worldwide in the field of radar, antennas, and the various intricacies of the system of electromagnetic waves used to detect, measure distances, and make maps of things, such as aircraft, motor vehicles, and weather information.

"My school had to move. I never in Jakarta, and the Taman Siswa Yogyakarta, and then complete the HBS (Hoogere Burgerschool) in Semarang in 1949. After that, I went Bandung Institute of Technology and grabbed the young scholar in 1955. I continue my studies at the Technische Universiteit (TU) Delft, graduating in 1958, "said the man who is now residing in the city of Ulm, the state of Bavaria, Germany.

Life changes
Intention to return to the country was made up. The goods were packed. All funds have also brought with him. Liem young to sea ports to "chase" that will ship to Asia, and drove him back to the Fatherland. Ship, that means the best possible transportation because the plane is still very limited and elitist.

However, before departure, Liem heard that Indonesia was open confrontation with Malaysia. Therefore, boarded the ship that would not dare close at Tanjung, Jakarta. The ship will only dock in Thailand and the Philippines. So, if Liem still want to go back to Indonesia, he must fall in one of the port.

"I was really confused. How is this? Want to go home, but could not get home, instead of people stranded in the country. I decided to cancel the return. All the suitcases and luggage down again, and it was the money was gone. But from here, as if my whole life changed. I returned to work in Stuttgart as a Radar System Engineer at AEG-Telefunken. The company is now the European Aeronautic Defense and Space (EADS), "he said.

Since then, Liem career in the field of electromagnetic waves and the world increasingly flying radar. After working at EADS, he was asked to become Head of Laboratory-theory Radarsystem years 1969-1978, followed then Head of Section (part of the laboratory), special handling Systemtheory and Design, for radar systems, air defense, and C3 Systems (Command Control Communication). Before retiring in 1995, Liem was still serving as Head of the Department of Radar and Sensor Concepts Diversifications.

"Although now retired, until 2003 I was asked to be a consulting engineer EADS," he added.

A very large role in the field of radar, sensors, and electromagnetic waves carry Liem for patenting a number of findings. Dozens of his findings internationally recognized standard, is now patented.

"What makes me thrilled, when preparing and Battlefield Fire Control Radars, Naval Fire Control Radar and so on. It's for the war and war always brings death. Also, when I designed the MSAM Systems: Hawk Successor; Airborne Radar High Vision and so on, "said Oom Liem.

He added, "I myself can not remember how many draft radars, antennas, and design of radar signals that I have patented. It can be opened on the Internet. "

Simply put, the science of electro ditekuni ever for learning, try developed by Om Liem. In the system of radio waves or signals, for example, when emitted, it can be captured by the radar, and then analyzed to determine the location of even the kind of thing. Although the received signal is relatively weak, the radar can easily detect and strengthen the signal.

"That's why the country of Indonesia, which consists of many islands, requiring a lot of radar and sophisticated in order to detect whatever is milling about in the air and at sea. Naked eye may not be able to see, especially with the increasingly sophisticated technology, the aircraft could pass through without leaving the voice. All that can be detected so that Indonesia is safe, "said Liem.

However, talking about Indonesia, Liem more reminded with some old friends who have a few tens of years apart. "All of a sudden I remembered old friends, such as Soewarso Martosuwignyo, Krisno Sutji, and others. I do not know, could I see them again? "He said with a faraway look through the glass window in his private library. (Tonny D Widiastono, Kompas, Tuesday, July 29, 2008) on