Thursday, November 19, 2009

Butet Kertaradjasa

artists with a lot of awards and this experience is an artist who came from jogja. This artist deeply concerned with art as with respect to his family, even if busy with art, but this one guy who still consider family.

awards and gained good experience from domestic and abroad is evidence that can not be considered an eye that he is an artist who no both. below is the data and received several awards. extraordinary

Butet Kertaradjasa
Yogyakarta 21 November 1961
Bagong Kussudiardja
Rulyani Isfihana (Kutai, East Kalimantan)
Giras Basuwondo (1981), Holy Senanti (1988), Galuh Paskamagma (1994)
Secondary School of Fine Arts (1978-1982), Faculty of Art and Design, Art Institute of Indonesia (1982-1987, broken down in the middle of the road).
1985 to present, active in theater gandrik as a player and organizer of production. Until now pursue theater and performing a monologue as a medium of expression. Theater gandrik an appearance together in several cities in Indonesia, including Indonesia's representative in the Second ASEAN Theater Festival (1990), in Singapore, bringing the play "Dhemit". And perform the same play in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; support gig 'Brigade Maling "Theater gandrik at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (1999). In 1991 became Editor (Culture) Guests at Bernas.
Theater, began ditekuni since 1978. Among others have joined in Theater Kita-Kita (1977), Theater SSRIs (1978-1981), Sanggarbambu (1978-1981), Theater Dynasty (1982-1985), Theater gandrik (1985-present), Community Pak Kanjeng (1993 -- 1994), Theater Paku (1994), Community art Kua Etnika (1995-present).
Dozens of theatrical repertoire have been followed in Theater gandrik include stump, Drag Market, Retirement, Sinden, issue, Dhemit, Order of Tubes, Monkey-Monkey, Tribute, Project, Flu, Bad Bath Home for Sale, Khayangan Goyang, Interpreter Lock, Squire Abiyoso , crying, Brigade Maling. Finally with Teater Koma, staging plays in Bagong Republic (2001).
Involved in Sinetron for titles such as Mr. Cat Selatiban (1985), Sincerity Kartika (1995), Assistant Director "Feature" (1996), Water of Life to the (1998), love hindered Wall (2001). In 1999, had become the most hated figure by the children, because of his role as Pak Raden in the movie The Adventures of Rasha.
For the monologue, beginning in 1986 through the Tobacco Toxins title, then tongue Fainting, bump Maling, Raja Rimba So master, Satan Nganggur, Honorable Bodies, and Teacher Ngambeg.
Theater Festival Best Actor DIY to high school se-2 in 1979, as Best Actor, and Director Senior High School Theater Festival as the DIY-4 (1981).
Year 1999 was named the "CHARACTERS OF ART" by PWI Branch Yogyakarta and in 2000 acquired the "ART AWARD" from the government of DIY.

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